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Our oil based products are ideally suited for thousands of applications in the nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, and pet markets. If you are developing products and/or markets and are looking for a large scale supply chain partner, we would love to hear from you. 

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Unique Grow Operations

Our  Hemp Farms are located in Oregon, and are some of the largest hemp farms in the United States. Our unique genetics provides us and our customers with a competitive advantage in the global hemp derived phytocannabinoid industry. We don’t plant seeds, we plant clones. Clones ensure a more consistent and reliable end product

0% THC

Our proprietary extraction process removes the THC while leaving the other naturally occuring cannabinoids intact.

Organic Farming

All of our plants are grown with organic farming practices to provide the highest quality PCR Oils.

3rd party lab tested

Independent labs across the USA test the quality of our product. No harmful solvents are used to process our products.

Vertical Integration

We control the cultivation and harvest of our hemp plants, as well as the manufacturing and delivery of our finished products.

Our TEam

We employ the world’s leading scientists to keep your brand’s product line on the industry’s leading edge.


We have the largest cannabinoid production capacity in the USA, our customers are thrilled because of our competitive pricing and order fulfillment speed.

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 “Our passion is treating animals who have nervous disorders or pain by treating them in a natural way by the use of hemp derived cannabinoids.” Thomas Newtson, CEO



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GC has the tools to help you to the next level by providing the highest quality Phytocannabinoid-Rich Oils on the market.

– Sarah Hamilton, CMO