How To Produce CBD Rich Hemp?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is the compound that contains all the health and healing properties associated with hemp. In order to produce CBD oil and other products that have a high concentration of CBD it is recommended to start with hemp that is rich in this compound.

You can grow CBD rich hemp in the following ways:

1. Genetics

The concentration of CBD in a specific hemp plant is predetermined by it’s genetics. In other words, some varieties of hemp contain higher cannabinoid levels than others. It is best to plant the varieties that are already genetically encoded to produce more cannabinoids than others. Investors often pay high dollar amounts for the best genetics.

2. Cross Breeding

Different species of hemp can be combined, grafted or cross bred in order to achieve a new or hybrid species that contains a higher amount of cannabidiol. However, unless you are a chemist or botanist, this process may be through trial and error. It is optimal to rather find hybrids that have already been bred to to produce greater amounts of cannabidiol.

3. Older Varieties

Unfortunately interbreeding has it’s drawbacks resulting in many varieties of hemp that produce less than 0.5% of CBD. This is largely as a result of hybrids being bred for their THC (the psychoactive compound) levels rather than for the healing properties. Planting original strains or varieties that existed prior to the year 2000 is optimal with percentages higher than 2%. It can be difficult to get your hands on seeds from these varieties and they may be costly but the rewards will be well worth it in the long run. Backcrossing may also be a worthwhile option.

4. Care And Maintenance

Hemp is a hardy plant that will grow in just about any climate or soil type. However, the plants can be a little finicky about producing the maximum amount of CBD projected by their genetics. It is necessary to ensure that the plant is healthy and well cared for in order to produce more CBD. Over watering can also result in lower amounts of CBD and soil should be allowed to dry before watering. Warm soil and air ae optimal for CBD production but not hot temperatures which can destroy CBD.

5. Harvesting

It is essential to harvest at the right time. Too early and the plant will not have had the time to produce the maximum amount of cannabidiol. Too late, and the cannabinoid levels may be reduced. The ideal time to harvest is when the hairs (called pistils) on the bud have just started to darken or turn brown. If you look at the bud through a magnifying glass or microscope, you should see trichomes. When the trichomes have heads and are green in color (ripe), it is time to harvest.

It is recommended to have your buds tested to determine their genetic capacity for generating cannabis as well as the percentage of hemp that they are actually producing. If there is a difference in what the plant could produce and is actually producing, you can take steps to increase the amount of hemp or opt for a different strain for better results.

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